Genetic Variation


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  • The Impact of an Interactive Statistics Module on Novices’ Development of Scientific Process Skills and Attitudes in a First-Semester Research Foundations Course
  • Zika Genome Sequences Set for Diagnostic, Vaccine Development Purposes
  • Evolution across the Curriculum: Microbiology
  • Sexual Difficulties
  • Population Geneticists Discover Bacteria and Their Genetic/Molecular Epidemiology
  • Thomas Whittam, Shiga Toxin-Producing , and the Clinical Consequences of Clonality
  • 2 Why Cooperate? The Ecology and Evolution of Myxobacteria
  • Bioethics Case Study: Genetic Testing
  • Analyzing Ethical Dilemmas in Genetic Testing
  • Population Dynamics of Bacterial Pathogens
  • The Study of Microbial Adaptation by Long-Term Experimental Evolution
  • Evolutionary Mechanisms
  • Moving Science from the Laboratory into Society
  • The Influence of Ecological Factors on the Distribution and the Genetic Structure of
  • Three-Dimensional Visualizations in Teaching Genomics and Bioinformatics: Mutations in HIV Envelope Proteins and Their Consequences for Vaccine Design
  • Reprint of Temin's 1993 Paper on the Inherent Contributions of Reverse Transcription to Retroviral Variation
  • The Genetic Map of Bacillus megaterium
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