Blood-borne Pathogen Training, Practice, and Critique of Cinematic Misportrayals

  • Author: Daryle Waechter-Brulla1
    Affiliations: 1: Department of Biological Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • Citation: Daryle Waechter-Brulla. 2002. Blood-borne pathogen training, practice, and critique of cinematic misportrayals.
  • Publication Date : July 2002
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Three activities are described: an abbreviated blood-borne pathogen (BBP) training session, a BBP spill cleanup, and a critique of BBP mishaps in the movie Outbreak. The three activities may be done at the same time, individually, or in pairs; students work in small groups. For the training and the spill, students are asked to categorize the functions of spill kit components. For the movie, students are asked to identify examples of small and egregious errors in the movie and suggest ways that each error could have been avoided. The latter activity can also be used to demonstrate various terms from epidemiology, all under the guise of critiquing the movie portrayals.

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