Chemotaxis: the Search for Food

  • Author: Geraldine Damiani1
    Affiliations: 1: Department of Biology, The University of Winnipeg
  • Citation: Geraldine Damiani. 2001. Chemotaxis: the search for food.
  • Publication Date : March 2001
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Two bacteria, one motile and one nonmotile, were tested for their ability to seek out nutrients using sectioned petri dishes containing glucose yeast extract (GYE) agar and water agar. As hypothesized, only the motile bacterium was able to migrate from the nutrient-free environment (water agar) to the nutrient-rich one (GYE). Since there was no such migration from GYE to water agar, it can be concluded that chemotaxis, rather than random motion, propels motile bacteria toward nutrients.

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