Rhinovirus Cytopathic Effects (CPE)

  • Author: Danny Wiedbrauk
  • Citation: Danny Wiedbrauk. 2009. Rhinovirus cytopathic effects (cpe).
  • Publication Date : December 2009
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This image shows human diploid fibroblasts infected with Rhinovirus (100X).

Rhinoviruses, a major cause of the common cold, are picorna viruses. While other picorna viruses tend to infect the intestinal tract (so-called enteroviruses), Rhinoviruses replicate in the nose.

A complete Rhinovirus contains single-stranded, plus-stranded RNA surrounded by a nonenveloped icosahedral capsid.

Rhinoviruses only grow in cells of human or monkey origin. The cytopathic effect (CPE) is best observed in human diploid fibroblasts. Both large and small rounded, refractile cells are observed in areas that also contain cellular debris. The CPE can be observed after 24

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