Brain Cells Grown in Vitro

  • Author: Patrick J. Cummings
  • Citation: Patrick J. Cummings. 2009. Brain cells grown in vitro.
  • Publication Date : December 2009
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Primary cells are harvested directly from an organism and can be grown for several weeks in vitro in specialized cell culture medium before the cells undergo senescence. Primary cells are especially sensitive to chemicals, toxins, and viruses, and are used for various research and industrial applications. 

This bright-field image shows primary chick-embryo brain cells grown for 2 weeks in vitro. Note the fibroblastic and neuronal cell lineages radiating away from the brain tissue explant located at the top of the field. The refractile cell structures represent various cell organelles.    

Brains were harvested from 10-day-old embryonated chicken eggs. The brain tissue was dissected from the embryo using aseptic technique, followed by tissue mincing, trypsinizing, and seeding into T25 tissue culture flasks. The brain cells were cultivated at 37oC under 5% CO2 in astrocyte basal medium (Cambrex Bio Science) for 2 weeks.

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