Plaque Assay: Assorted Views of Bacteriophage Plaques

  • Authors: D. Sue Katz 1, Marie Panec 2
    Affiliations: 1: Biology Department, Rogers State University, Claremore, OK, 74017; 2: Biology Department, Moorpark College, Moorpark, CA, 93021
  • Citation: D. Sue Katz, Marie Panec. 2006. Plaque assay: assorted views of bacteriophage plaques.
  • Publication Date : October 2006
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T4 r mutants are known as 'rapid lysis' mutants, creating larger virus plaques than non-r virus strains. T4rII mutants of T4r viruses are capable of using E. coli B as a host, but E. coli K12(l) is not a permissive host. When same dilutions are plated on E. coli B as on E. coli K12(l), very few, if any, plaques will be seen on E. coli K12(l), while many plaques will be observed on E. coli B. There are two genes involved in rII mutants - A and B. Coinfection of an E. coli cell with mutant viruses which have defects in different regions will allow complementation, resulting in some wild type T4r progeny viruses which are capable of productively infecting E. coli K12(l). T4rII EM87 and T4rII AP129 AP129 is an A mutant, originally isolated after 2-aminopurine treatment EM87 is a B mutant, originally isolated after ethylmethane sulfonate (EMS) treatment Exact gene locations for these two mutants can be seen on the map in Benzer, S., S. P. Champe, 1961. Ambivalent rII mutants of phage T4. PNAS, 47: 1025-1038. This paper is available as a pdf file from www.pnas.org.

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