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Online ISSN: 1935-7885
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The Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education is a free open access journal that features original, previously unpublished, peer-reviewed articles that foster scholarly teaching, and provide readily adoptable resources in biology education.

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As ASM’s first open-access online education journal, the Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education (JMBE) offers original, previously unpublished, peer-reviewed articles that foster scholarly teaching, and provide readily adoptable resources in biology education at the undergraduate, graduate, professional (e.g., medical school), K-12 outreach, and informal education level. JMBE is edited by informed science educators who are active in the pursuit of scholarly teaching and biology education reform. Please visit the JMBE Editorial Board page for a list of current JMBE Editors.

JMBE operates under a continuous publication model, where manuscripts are made available online as soon as they become ready. When a manuscript appears online, it will be cataloged in one of three issues: Spring (April), Back to School (August), or Winter (December). These three issues make up the year's volume. These issues may also include themed content focused on a broad, inter-disciplinary topic. 

The scope of the JMBE is rooted in the biological sciences and branches to other disciplines. JMBE publishes articles addressing such topics as good pedagogy and design, student interest and motivation, recruitment and retention, citizen science, and institutional transformation. JMBE may also choose to accept manuscripts for publication in special themed issues, which cross-cut the scientific disciplines. Recent themed topics include ethics in science, scientific citizenship, and science communication.

JMBE Editors are committed to providing extensive feedback, guidance, and support for authors from submission through publication. JMBE offers a number of enhancements to ensure that the publication process is transparent and that both readers and authors get the most out of JMBE’s excellent content. JMBE reader features include free, open access content available in HTML and PDF format. JMBE author features include step-by-step Author Guidelines in multiple languages, video tutorials for each section, a manuscript self-diagnosis tool, and a comprehensive submission checklist. Authors can expect detailed feedback from the review process, in which articles undergo a blind review by at least 2-3 peer reviewers (and a lab safety committee, if applicable). For more author features, to learn about the review process, and to submit a manuscript, please visit the JMBE submission site: jmbesubmissions.asm.org.

JMBE does not charge its readership to access content. The JMBE Editorial Board is committed to providing open access online content. JMBE Editors seek to publish meaningful contributions to the conversation of science education and scholarly teaching and believe that the only way to do so is through content that is easily available to the public. JMBE is also indexed in Directory of Open Access Journals, CrossRef, and PubMed Central.

JMBE is for science educators like you. By providing perspectives and reviews that help inform instruction, vetted activities and tools that are ready to use in a classroom or laboratory setting, and research that tests those educational approaches, JMBE content is a valuable resource for science educators at any level. JMBE content will make it easy to keep up to date on and incorporate education initiatives—such as active learning—into your lesson plans and provide talking points for the science education reform conversations at your institution. Most importantly, JMBE content encourages you to review and reflect on your own teaching practices—essential for your ongoing professional development.

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