Microbe Magazine

January 2013

Cover Image
Cover Image

Cover: Mycobacterium tuberculosis-(red) infected macrophages (green) die by apoptosis. Uninfected macrophages (blue) flock to dying cells and engulf the dead cell debris containing M. tuberculosis. This process of apoptotic cell cleanup—efferocytosis—is a bactericidal mechanism, as both the internalized cell debris and bacteria are destroyed, promoting pathogen clearance and immune activation (see p. 21). (Image courtesy of Constance J. Martin and Samuel M. Behar.)

Microbe Magazine, Cover Image
Cover ImageVaccines are crucial for controlling the spread of influenza, but currently are only effective against a limited mix of strains. A universal vaccine remains elusive, but progress is being made (see p. 433). (Image © James King-Holmes/ Science Source.)
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