Microbe Magazine

April 2014

Cover Image
Cover Image

Cover: Phase contrast micrograph of a Clostridium difficile mutant that cannot efficiently import oligopeptides and sporulates at a higher frequency in response. C. difficile, a gastrointestinal pathogen of humans and other animals, is a strict anaerobe and forms a dormant spore allowing survival outside of the host (see p. 153). Spore formation in many bacteria is triggered by nutritional starvation. (Image courtesy of Adrianne N. Edwards, Christopher E. O'Brien, and Shonna M. McBride.)

Microbe Magazine, Cover Image
Cover ImageVaccines are crucial for controlling the spread of influenza, but currently are only effective against a limited mix of strains. A universal vaccine remains elusive, but progress is being made (see p. 433). (Image © James King-Holmes/ Science Source.)
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